The new combiloop CL3 E

THE FIRST DETACHABLE COMPACT HIGH PRESSURE UNIT IN THE WORLD is here. For the maximum possible number of solutions under the bar feeder. And next to it. In this way, we’re making machining even more sustainably future-proof! Just like your investment!


Compactness and installation options allow perfect space utilisation. Proven high-performance technologies in the modular system, such as automatic filter and eco+ selfregulating piston pump technology, ensure optimised operating costs and output quality at pressures of up to 300 bar. The plan: to increase your competitiveness!


+ Fits under almost all bar feeders
+ Modular system
+ Safe investment: flexible use also in the future
+ Compactness and flexibility up to max. 300 bar
+ eco+ regulating pump with delivery rate up to 27 l/min: energy efficiency and less heat influx
+ Easily accessible technology, simple and ergonomic filter changing
+ Advance warning for filter change on
exchangeable filter systems
+ Flow monitor as standard + optional: adjustable flow monitor (max. 2 service connections)
+ Plate heat exchanger (cooling) integrated: full flow and bypass filtration
+ Desludging box monitoring
+ Rapid amortisation

Basis of the magic cube: the modular intelligence - the separation of the units for more power, more flexibility!

High-pressure dilemma solved: increasingly compact, ever stronger ... now feasible!

Our customers have long wanted it from the high-pressure manufacturers: The systems are to become more and more compact. At the same time, the demands on process reliability and the quality of output are increasing, which in turn speaks for larger filters, larger pumps, larger tanks, additional cooling and much more. A dilemma, a paradox – the camel through the eye of the needle.

With combiloop CL3 E we solved this dilemma. By separating the units, We´re simply creating more space for our technology, but we´re nevertheless more compact overall. The combiloop CL3 E is a unit of two parts and consists of a 120-litre clean liquid tank with an integrated functional unit (component 1) and a filtration unit (component 2). The system is entirely housed in metal to protect it against dirt and external influences.

The division of the combiloop into two parts creates incredible flexibility. The system can be installed and operated together or separately. It fits under almost any bar loader, although the external borders of the feeder are not usually built up even if placed separately. Of course, the combiloop CL3 E can also be placed beside the feeder or lathe just like a classic auxiliary unit.

The product benefit is also a new benchmark for the field of compact high-pressure filtration in terms of future-oriented investment. It forms a unit with the feeder, but is technologically split from it. In addition to the modular expansion stages, which also have higher performance parameters than standard solutions, it also works as a stand-alone solution – regardless of the feeder lifetime, and above all regardless of how machine occupancy and the order and production situation or premises may change. The combiloop CL3 E can adapt to the customer’s future business at any time.

"Compared to previous high-pressure systems, I can install the two units of the CL3 E under the bar feeder instead of at the front. This is a huge advantage!"
Damir Balukcic, production management, Valentin Roth GmbH


Technical data
  • Size approx. 1,300 x 600 x 1,100 mm (L x W x H), weight approx. 430 kg
  • < 300 bar, eco+ pressure-regulated piston pump, 130 l clean liquid tank, electrical controller
  • Power supply 3~/PE 400 V/50 Hz
Flow rate
  • 9–27 l/min
  • 80 bar up to 110 bar max. at 27 l/min.
  • 130 bar up to 150 bar max. at 20 l/min.
  • 210 bar max. at 12 l/min.
  • 300 bar max. at 9 l/min.
Filter / Filter fineness
  • Exchangeable filter (fibreglass, 25 μm)
  • Double changeover filter (fibreglass, 25 μm)
  • Automatic filter (30 μm), bypass flow filter, de-sludging in wire mesh collector (150 μm)
  • Cutting oil
  • Water emulsion (min. 8 % oil content)
Service connections
  • Up to 10 controllable service connections
Degree of machine contamination

With combiloop CL3 E performance and flexibility in a very limited space go hand in hand with ease of use, installation and maintenance. Discover the function here:


  1. Functional unit in a modern housing with 120-litre clean liquid tank
  2. Filtration unit in modern housing
  3. Transfer pump for filter circulation
  4. Self-cleaning automatic filter (option)
  5. Ball valve for bypass filtration (switches over when the clean liquid tank is full)
  6. eco+ high-pressure pump with self-regulating piston pump technology
  7. Pressure adjustment
  8. Valve block with controllable service connections
  9. Wire mesh collector for filter sludge
  10. Suction sockets DN80
  11. Plate heat exchanger (option)
  12. Touch panel for system operation
  13. Electronic control

    The high-pressure generation is achieved via a pressure-controlled pump that provides the consumer with exactly the volume flow required at the set pressure. This makes efficient energy utilisation possible and avoids additional heat generation (eco+).

    The working pressure is infinitely variable. The cooling lubricant reaches the consumers via one direct or several controllable service connections. A flow monitor is installed as standard to constantly monitor the flow of the cooling lubricant, and triggers an alarm if the minimum quantity is exceeded.

    The modern, clearly identifiable functional visualisation is carried out via an LED lighting strip. Various filtration concepts are available, ranging from easy-change to twin coupling and automatic filters. During idle times, the automatic filter also cleans the machine tank. The filter is cleaned in the integrated flushing tank.

    The predefined pressure levels option can be used to retrieve specific pressures adapted to the machining process via the machine program. With the optionally constructed plate heat exchanger, the cooling lubricant can be cooled down within the scope of the technical possibilities and prevailing ambient temperature conditions and the temperature of the cooling lubricant kept stable. The medium is continuously cooled (full- and bypass flow). An on-site cooling water connection is required for this purpose.

    The system has an electrical control system, which enables it to be operated independently. The power supply is provided by a separate CEKON plug (16A). Electrical connection: 400V 3~/PE 50Hz.

    "We have become faster in our processes and have significantly increased our output thanks to the CL3 E."
    Damir Balukcic, production management, Valentin Roth GmbH


    Being tested for several months: first internally with us, and then outside in the field. Customers are delighted. With the flexibility, with the power. With the compactness.

    “combiloop CL3 E - a new milestone, and a redefined limit of the compact high-pressure unit”
    Alexander Lang, product manager, Müller Hydraulik GmbH


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